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We are the CraziNerdFam is a company founded solely on the principal purpose of providing affordable online services for newly established companies, the founder Madzenga Mabaso realized that there was a growing need for a company that not only caters for smaller businesses, but for a company that creates an online identity for its clients, giving its clients a better chance at succeeding online. All employees are well trained in their respective fields and thus very passionate about their work. We assist with every known aspect of getting a presence online, at ridiculously low prices, we market your company, analyze your audience,optimize your website for search engines, analyze the latest trends in your market and act accordingly. Here at your imagination is the only limit, if you can imagine it, we can do it.

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Top Class Services strives to give its clients internationally recognized websites, as such we offer all the services our clients could possibly need to ensure that they can gain an advantage over their competitors online and focus on what matters, which is growing their business.

Web Store and e-Commerce websites

Would you love to sell online? Don't worry, we got you covered, our packages are there to ensure that you get the right e-commerce website for your business, we will never limit the number of products that you can add, and lastly but most importantly, we set up secure payment gateways for your clients so that they can be protected online. Our e-commerce/web store websites can easily integrate with 3rd party payment gateways such as payfast, paypal etc.

Mobile optimised websites/webapps

As smartphones become more popular, more clients look for services online using their smartphones, so having a mobile-optimised website is of utmost importance. That's why all our clients' websites are mobile friendly to make sure that your customers/potential clients have a great experience surfing your website. Furthermore you don't have to update your mobile website because it automatically updates when you edit the desktop version of your website.

Business Registration

We register your business for you, the types of businesses that we currently register are private companies or organizations. This process typically takes 10-11 days dependent on your documentation. In addition to this, we automatically register for your company's tax number.

Logo Design

We understand that a logo means much more to your business image, as such we create logos according to your specifications, our artists turn words into business identities.

Customer Support

We are available for calls between 08:00 to 17:00 (SAST) on workdays. Furthermore our email support is functional till 23:00 (SAST) everyday.

Short website creation times

We pride ourselves with our extremely fast website creation times. We have an average of 3-7 days (excluding weekends) taken to complete and launch the website upon receiving payment and required content. You can rest, assured that although our website creation times are quite quick, we will never compromise the quality of your website. We truly deliver quality websites at affordable prices.


Some Interesting Facts is currently redefining the concept of entrepreneurship. We are aiming to create an equilibrium in the online market whereby a company's growth will depend solely on their products or services, not their financial standing.

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Our Packages

We provide the most affordable quality packages for all kinds of businesses to ensure that you gain an advantage online.


As a newly established business, your first challenge is finances, and exorbant charges on things that you need for your business to progress. As a company that has gone through that phase we understand that sometimes you just need a helping hand to get things growing, as such we have the ideal start-up packages for you to assist you in getting online and growing your business, these packages are perfect for you because they allow space for growth and can easily be upgraded when your preferences change. There is no compromise in quality, so you don't have to worry about us giving you mediocre services because of the low prices. Everything we do for you will allow you to compete with other companies online.

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Ideal for students

Small Business

You are not a start-up but you are not where you want to be either, your company however is rapidly growing and you cannot allow your growth to be stagnant, your services and image are also constantly changing as you learn the do's and don'ts of running a business, as such you need something lively and very dynamic, your website needs to change as rapidly as your company is changing, and that's why the small business packages are perfect for you, they do not limit your company's creativity and neither do they weigh on your pocket. Online Magazines, Web stores, Business forums, Basic apps, this is the package for you.

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Ideal for creative companies that are constantly evolving

Medium-Size Business

Your company has a huge influence in your respective field, your reputation is of utmost importance therefore your public image cannot be compromised. You need a website that clearly portrays the depth and history of your business. You need a website that will make you stand out online, we understand that as a medium-size business your client base is very diverse and that your website should be of the same standard, these are extensive packages that are highly dependent on personalized research. These websites are not normal websites/webapps, they are pure, unique identities that only resonate the company's values.

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Ideal for established businesses

Large Business

You control the gates into the industry you are in, your reputation is not only rooted nationally but internationally. Your company holds in its hands the future of a lot of people. It's needless to say that your competitors are constantly looking for a way to surpass you, as such you need a website that will change according to your client demands and competitor improvements. Your website basically needs to be alive and learning the behaviors of whoever visits it so that the next person to visit it will get an improved experience tailormade for them.

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Ideal for the industry gate keepers.

Our featured Works

A music platform where users can upload and download music, is unique because they help push your music.


An online magazine targeting the youth, here you can find all you need to know about the current trends in different fields.


An innovative new platform that allows you to apply to multiple bursaries at once.

ADProperty Group

An international property powerhouse that is known for it's brilliantly designed houses.

Fossa Leatherworks

Fossa has made a name for itself by selling only top quality leather products. It is a company that can easily compete with all the corporates in its market.



Wendy Mapamela

"Crazinerd made my websites go from 'same old same old' to 'WOW'. Now for the price of coffee with a friend I have websites that do justice to my brands. It makes me smile every time I click over it and because it's designed to be flexible-it can be updated super-easily whenever I desire. Going with Crazinerd was one of the best choices I've made"

Owner of Wendy Images and Emergemag

Alexandra Bantu

"When it comes to an online presence- the lifeline of my business-I rely on a devoted, professional, and obsessed web developer. I rely on"

Founder & editor of Braag Magazine

S'busiso Ntlou

"Crazinerd has been a great hosting service provider to us. It's management is professional and supportive."

Co-founder of Varbursaries

Nthabiseng Maake

" offers a powerful suite of tools that every upcoming business must have. And if you get stuck their team is always ready and available to assist, they have great communication skills which make solving any challenges quite quick and simple. our customers get speedy royalty treatment since the use of their hosting for our websites."

Co-founder of Sidlukotini Thrift Store

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